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I am a very serious and meticulous guy and I want to give you all my best. For any questions feel free to contact me.


Due to COVID-19 emergency, shipments will only take place on Tuesday and Friday and could be longer than usual. So please be patient, because there is nothing I can do about the delays



  • After 2nd order, receive a 3% coupon for your 3rd order
  • After 3rd order, receive a 5% coupon for your 4th order
  • After 4th order, receive a 10% coupon for your 5th order
  • After 5th order, receive a 15% coupon for all your future orders!



Questions can be asked in Italian or English.


Please read carefully my shipping and handling page for details.

If you have special shipping instructions, send me a note on your order notes.

All shipping costs include handling costs and Paypal fee.


-I accept payments via Paypal, IBAN (bank transfer) and Credit Cards.

-When I miss some parts in your order, I will send a refund

-Received orders will be picked, packed (invoiced or partly refunded) and shipped after receiving payment, paypal payments are instant, so fast shipping!

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-Find me at Facebook and Twitter as well. There you get the latest information about new updates and discounts.You can also talk with me!

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